Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things are clearer when it's muddy!

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After an eventful 2 weeks, I returned to the bike 2 days in a row with my super motivating ride buddy Miguel. Sidelined by an array of winter viruses and celebrating turning 40 (no expert interpretation needed), it was a welcomed return to being active and outdoors.  I started today by given my first "Boot Camp" exercise class at 6:45 am. A small but motivated group showed up for about an hour of cardio, flexibility, balance/stability and strengthening exercises. The group environment was fun and informative as it allowed me to see 3 individuals performing the same exercise at the same time with 3 different deficiencies. Balance, flexibility and strength were all observed and improved upon with various verbal as well as physical cues.
My ride on the local trails was thrilling as well as cathartic.  Even as  my buddy dreaded each muddy segment, I relished the mud kicking up unto my clothes and didn't even mind getting stuck in a deep muddy puddle. Seeing the clear blue skies, the grazing cattle and feeling the crisp Mediterranean winter air was truly a thrill. It's times like these when one can reflect on life and realize that these simple pleasures are often taken for granted. The burn in your belly from the intense climb, the fatigue in your legs from bracing for the descent and the bowl of homemade granola with organic honey, goat's yogurt and  fresh espresso made the mud well worth it!

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